CAD Conversion

Transforming designs with ease

Harnessing the potential of dimensionality with our 2D to 3D Conversion service. Looking to elevate a hand sketch, scanned drawing with dimensions, or an existing AutoCAD file. We are your go-to destination!



Our seasoned professionals guarantee meticulous attention to detail and ensure on-point precision in every conversion project.

Bespoke Solutions

Right from design and drafting services to tailored conversion services we ensure to meet your unique project needs

Impact With Innovation

Elevate your design capabilities with Engineering DNA– Where Precision Meets Infinite Possibilities!

Delivering Diverse Product Design Engineering Across Four Specialized Services!

2D to 3D

- Transforming static 2D drawings into dynamic, immersive 3D models

- Validating ideas into tangible 3D space before transitioning to production

3D to 2D

- Seamlessly translate complex 3D models into clear, precise 2D drawings.

- Best for creating detailed engineering drawings or architectural plans.

From Raster to Editable Vector

- Seamlessly convert raster images into scalable 2D vector formats.

- Maintain design quality and increase flexibility for effortless modifications.

Transforming Point Clouds into 3D

- Utilize the potential of point cloud data to craft detailed and precise 3D models.

- Ideal for sectors like surveying, architecture, and manufacturing.

Ready to Exceed Engineering Expectations

Explore the capabilities of 2D to 3D Conversion – where improved visualization meets error-free innovation.